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Our videos consist of selective, unique questions – either in your home, at our private room in Seneca One Tower, or in an online video service- to preserve your, or a loved one’s, legacy. Your videos are stored in a private login space to reflect on, for themselves
and their future generations.

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Using film and cultivated questions to

record for your future self and see how much you've grown.

help you to record a
loved one's story

Mom: Where did we put the video of Grandma cooking?
Dad: How do you know that about Grandpa?
Brother: Where is the video of Dad fixing this?
Sister: How on earth do you remember that?

Me: We Timecapsuled it!

Recording with Timecapsule was an incredible experience!! I was taken back to memories of my childhood and got to experience my journey all over again. It was very emotional to discuss where I started and how my path led me to where I am today! I hope my family and friends are touched by my journey! I’m so thankful Timecapsule was able to capture the messages I want my loved ones to remember me by! I would recommend Timecapsule to anyone and everyone!! It is an incredible tribute to yourself and a beautiful gift to give to a loved one!!

Julia Dinoto

TimeCapsule Customer

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